Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Birth Defect

My tiny daughter Adilyn was born with a birth defect; a pelvic kidney. This means that her right kidney, rather than being deep in her body where it usually grows, is located in her lower right pelvis. Also, with the unusual location came other defect; urinary reflux in that kidney.
  At first when I found out about her kidney, I worried about the repercussions it would have on the rest of her life. Would she need a new kidney?  Would she only have one kidney that worked? Could she play sports?  
 I was extremely relieved to find that all she needed to do for the time being was to take antibiotics every morning to prevent infection.  It is a simple thing to do in order to prevent potentially devastating consequences such as kidney scarring.
When I think about this small and simple thing, bringing to pass great goodness of a healthy, working kidney, I realize something about myself.  Actually, I realized something about all of us; all of God’s children.
We all came to this Earth with a birth defect; we are fallen.  This means that we sin, we are prideful, we judge, we get mad, we covet, we do all sorts of things that distance us from our Father in heaven.  Because we are fallen we are subject to natural man.
When we think about this too much we get worried about what it could mean for our lives on this Earth but also eternally. Will I ever become perfect?  Is good enough really good enough?  How do I get better?
You and I can all be relieved to know that there is also a daily antibiotic that we can take to keep this natural man at bay. The Great Physician has given us a prescription for daily prayer and scripture study.
Just as I know what my daughter need to stay physically healthy and strong, our loving Father in heaven knows what we need. He knows us better than we do and we must trust in His guidance and in His Son’s example in order to fulfill our incredible spiritual potential.
My daughter doesn’t know why she takes her medicine.  It’s possible that I could forget one day and she would be fine, but what if that was the day that she got an infection.  We can forget to read the scriptures sometimes, but what if that day is the day that a spiritual infection begins.  We just don’t know. All we can do is to do our best to take our medicine and press forward with a perfect brightness of hope.

Who knew a little 15 month old could teach me all that?

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  1. Well said :). We really can't afford a spiritual infection.