Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chasing after Pins - Learning From Adi

Learning From Adi-
I'm  going to do a few posts on things that I learn about God by being a parent and watching Adilyn grow.

The other day I was sewing a quilt with my neighbor and despite the fact that a plethora of toys had been provided for Adilyn's (1 year old) enjoyment, she was intent on expending her energy and time trying to get at the pins.
They are shiny. The tops of the pins resemble candies. They are a good size for her tiny fingers. In her mind, nothing was more important than getting those pins and tasting them. She was convinced as I could see her in face, that they would be delicious. But I know for a fact that if she were to place the pins in her mouth, it would result in devastation, disappointment, and pain.
I told her many times that the pins were dangerous. I explained that although they looked colorful and shiny, they were not good for her. A few times I just said 'no'. I tried to lead her to her toys and her fruit loops but rather than actually eat the food and play, she was fixated on the pins. She began to have a tantrum in which she flailed on the floor, pointing to the pins and shouting.
So, what did I do? Did I say 'Adi, I can see that you really want to eat these pins. Here, eat them. I know its what will make you happy." Um, NO! Because I love her, her immediate happiness is not my primary concern. Her safety is my primary concern and her long term happiness. I could have poked her with the pin and she would get hurt and no longer want the pin, but instead I just ignored her, kept the pins away, and kept her other toys and food nearby when she decided to be reasonable again.

I have learned that this is how God deals with us when we have unrighteous desires- or rather when our desires are dangerous to our spiritual well-being.   There have been times in my life when I think that my ideas are so good and that my will is such a better idea than God's will.  I know I've wasted time, energy, and money pursuing my own pins, thinking that they will taste like candy once I get a hold of them. There have been times in prayer that I have asked God for something and he's simply said no. Maybe it's because I wouldn't understand why or maybe just because I need to exercise my faith in His will.  Sometimes God lets us get close to our goals, or get poked by the pins, and I just hope that when that happens we can step back and say "wow, that was a bad idea. You  were right God. I should have listened.'" Rather than getting mad, thinking that it's God's fault that we stuck a pin in our mouth.

I am trying to recognize the good things and other opportunities God places in my life, the fruit loops if you will, that are just across the room if I would only take a minute, listen to God, and let him guide my life.  I am so grateful that God cares about me and guides me to make wise decisions that will bring my ultimate happiness.

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